Buy the Ticket. Take the Ride.

I am going to tell you how you can change the world — or make it a better place at least — and it is something everyone can do as it will cost you less than the price of a craft beer… but… you’re gonna have to read this story to get there (everything takes a little work, even changing the world. Nothing is ever free. Nothing.) Read the rest of this entry »

It hit me today.

For as long as I have been trying to convince people to give me their money in exchange for a piece of my vision, I have undersold myself. I have lived the last few years focused on making that sale that I have misunderstood the quality knowledge, skills, and passion that I possess.

But as I look back at all the personal time I have spent understanding interpersonal relationships, learning programs and software, attending classes and seminars, practicing through volunteering roles, and giving my time and ideas away for the chance to be exposed… I can’t be upset. I have learned so much in the process.

Those times are experiences that are valuable for growth… and I am grateful.

But now… It is time that I demand my value for what I know I can deliver… with humility of course… but now with confidence. 

I am ready to stand up and start walking on my own. I demand it of myself.

11 year after I created the logo, today is the day that TuxedoKat Productions becomes officially open for business.

… now I need a real website… and so it begins.


You are invited to a very special event in Concord, North Carolina on September 7th at ClearWater Artist Studios! From 7- 10, I will be hosting an opening reception for my first solo art exhibit.

Buy the Ticket is a personal story shared in hindsight through ten years of expressive photography and narrated in my own words and voice through an app on your Smart Device (headphone recommended).

It is my intention to share my story in hopes to inspire others to connect with theirs.




I have always wanted to be a leader.

I wanted to have ideas that were so good that they convinced others to follow them.

I wanted to carry the burden of responsibility of being the first one there and the last one to leave, shaking each person’s hand, making sure everyone was truly ready to be apart of someone else’s vision.

Therefore, I wanted to be true to my word.

I never wanted to say something I didn’t completely believe.

I never wanted to take someone down a path I hadn’t already experienced.

I never wanted to be better than my own apology.

Therefore, I never want to lead for a movement moving in a questionable direction.

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